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Charles Arthur Arnoldi

American painter, printmaker, and sculptor Charles Arnoldi (b. 1946) decided to pursue art after seeing the works of Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning at the home of his girlfriend’s grandmother in New York City. Transfixed by the two artists’ simple line work, Arnoldi soon decided to devote his life to studying their techniques. He received a scholarship to Ventura College to study commercial illustration but transferred to Chouinard Art Institute after two weeks. He eventually decided to complete his training through his own art practice where he discovered his favorite media—tree branches. Arnoldi’s fascination with tree branches stemmed from a desire to explore "the grouping of parts" and was likely aesthetically influenced by the post minimalist school of art. His work engaged in the assemblage of separate entities made new by pattern, division, balance, angle and interaction. He not only used the branches as compositional elements in his work, but as tools to create printed designs and as components to assemble stick constructions. Arnoldi's use of wood remained a prominent feature in his works until the 1990s when he began producing abstract paintings embodying free form, organic shapes on canvas. He began his works in black and white and later introduced color. 

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