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Bally (esb. 1851) is a Swiss fashion house founded in 1851 by Carl Franz Bally in Schönenwerd, Switzerland. The house began with producing luxury leather footwear with a focus on innovative craftsmanship.  In 1870, the first company-owned stores opened in Geneva, and Montevideo followed by stores in Buenos Aires, Paris and London. The houses notable designs included the Zürich pump in 1890, the introduction of the Trainspotting Stripe design feature in 1939, and the Scribe Shoe later in 1951.  The house continued innovating with the use of the Goodyear welting techniques in 1896 and the opening of the Bally Labin 1927. In 1976, the house expanded to creating clothing, handbags, and leather goods for both men and women.

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