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Expert interview of the week

Lennox Cato’s Antique Furniture Essentials

Antiques Roadshow furniture specialist Lennox Cato was brought up in the antiques trade and embarked on his own career in the business after leaving school. His first shop was in the Lanes in Brighton, and he later moved to Lewes, in East Sussex. In 1997, he moved his business to Edenbridge, in Kent, and in [...]

Buy Guide of the week

Collecting Fine Jewelry

Antique (over 100 years old) Elaborate bodice ornaments, stomachers, chatelaines and earrings that almost reached the shoulders showcased luxury and display, which was very much the fashion style of the 18th century. Cushion and rose-cut diamonds glittered under candlelight and were mounted in silver to maximize whiteness. [...]

Sell Guide of the week

Antique Silver

Would you like to know how much the silver tea service you inherited from your great uncle is worth? What about the sterling flatware you picked up at an estate sale? Lofty’s silver expert can provide a fully catalogued evaluation of almost any silver piece, whether it’s a mid-20th century tea service by Reed and Barton or an 18th century English wine cooler. [...]

Lofty Discoveries of the week

A Family Heirloom’s Hidden Value

Every family has its treasures, those special items that are passed down through the generations. But how much do we really know about these precious objects that fill our homes? For one California family, their family heirloom was a beloved watercolor painting. And they turned to Lofty to find out more. When this lovely painting [...]

Insights and Analysis of the week

What Does An “Appraisal” Really Mean?

The term “art appraiser” only gained popularity in the 20th century. In the past, specialists did not appraise an object; instead, they gave their expertise. This change in semantics signaled a shift in the art and antiques appraisal world from a focus on connoisseurship toward an emphasis on the long-term financial value of an object. [...]